Hello! This is me. Rose. And I am Sel Noir Designs.

I am just a girl who decided to go for it.

I have always been design conscious and have always had a passion for art. I love to create. As a child , I would spend hours locked away in my room illustrating novels, creating epic story boards on my Nonna's  butcher paper and drawing up blue prints for Mansions. My favorite past time as child, besides been locked away in the design studio (AKA bedroom), was also looking at display homes with my parents. I would visually take it all in, then go home and re-arrange my bedroom, and begin sketching new interior designs to match the blue prints. To this day not much has really changed. Well somethings may have. I have since traded my Nonna's butcher paper for some snazzy Wacoms and and paint brushes. I have totally given up on architecture ;). That dream was crushed when I realized architecture involved heavy studying, fancy rulers and blueprints was more than a few sketches on the back of a serviette. However, I do still draw and create. Drawing and creating is something I do not think I will ever shake off, thankfully. I am inspired by life, my children, my husband and pretty much everything my eyes see and my ears hear. All my designs are created with passion. 

New Artworks are always added to the store.

Commissions and requests are encouraged. 



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